Local presence is essential to get an in-depth understanding of business life and specific needs. Even more pronounced is the need when it comes to an area with such different geographic conditions – and therefore also industry challenges – as the Greenlandic market.

Between August 14 and 22 2019 commercial responsible in Notora, Marie Bianca Lilholt meets together with team manager at Notoras Nuuk Office, Brian Kjær, Greenlandic business people in Nuuk and the surrounding area.

Here they will talk about concrete challenges and how the right Business Central solutions can create tangible value and improved workflows.

“You can feel that the business of Greenland is in technological propulsion. It is a development we would like to contribute to and be a part of “says commercial responsible in Notora, Marie Bianca Lilholt.

You have to see the distances to understand the complexities

Historically, the Greenlandic economy has always been connected to natural resources. And it is seen, according to Marie Bianca Lilholt, clearly both in the meeting with the local and very accommodating business people.

“There is a natural complexity of both import/export because of the enormous distances and the sometimes difficult availability. It is a challenge that you only really understand when you see it with your own eyes and meet the producers, the wholesalers and the logistics managers on their own home ground. ”

Local Understanding provides better solutions

Notora ApS merged July 1 2019 with Ikiorti and established itself in Nuuk. Former owner of Ikiorti and now consultant and team manager in Nuuk, Brian Kjær, also points to the possibility of being able to train local NAV consultants in Greenland in order to maintain and expand the close co-operation with Greenlandic business.

Local understanding thus provides better and more value-creating solutions. Therefore, the local meetings in Greenland are also held as frequent as possible, as Notora also holds the Business Central Seminar in December at the cultural house Katuaq.

Until then, we are ready for sparring, to ask and answer questions and to challenge existing solutions and processes that can be optimized through the right digital solutions.