With a doubled gross profit, the management considers the year’s result to be satisfactory.

Following the implementation of the first phase of the strategy with the establishment of the company, the management has embarked on the second phase: growth. “This has resulted in a total staff of 23 men, a larger customer mass and more collaborators than in the past,” said CEO Thomas Blak and continues: “The extra revenue and earnings of the period have been used to finance this growth.” The management is satisfied with the financial year both according to the implementation of the strategy and the overall result of the year.

Notora is a consultancy  agency with a clear vision – leading provider of ERP for small-and medium-sized businesses.

With offices in both Aalborg, Aarhus and Vipperød Notora is nationwide. In three years, the workforce has grown explosively and has thus gone from 3 to 23 employees  across our several offices. As a result, management has high expectations concerning growth in revenue and earnings in the next financial year.

Customers, customer service and customer value is the key foundation for the company Notora, which is reflected in the mission: “An EXPERT TEAM delivering value-adding SOLUTIONS and legendary SERVICE”.

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