The 2017 demonstrated another good year for Notora, which was honored with a number of awards, but also set a record on revenue and picked up the biggest surplus so far.

Development of activities and economic conditions

Notora has currently existed for 5 years, where the delivery of products, services and value-adding solutions in the ERP industry is our core competence. The fifth year was a year of growth both concerning customers and employees with an increase in turnover as a result.

The last year’s work on the organisation and internal processes has ensured that a larger share of the top line has found its way to the bottom line – with the best result of EBIT in Notora’s history. In addition, the ownership is adapted, an Advisory Board is established and the company’s vision has been updated. Notora expands and decided to test forces with new markets; Sweden and Norway. The vision now looks like this: “Our clear vision is to be one of Scandinavia’s preferred consultancy houses in ERP solutions for selected industries and customers.”

The gross profit in the financial year 2017/2018 was EUR 19.4 million. With a result before tax of DKK 4.4 million.

Newly acquired certifications and prices

Because of four consecutive financial years demonstrating very positive results Notora was awarded with a Gazelle. 3 to 28 employees exerted the expert team after 5 years. The growth in gross profit in these 4 years has gone from remarkable 3.8 MDKK in 2014 to 15.2 MDKK, which is reflected in the submitted 2017 accounts.

In connection with the newly acquired Gazelle title, Notoras CFO Michael Lauridsen says: “We are honored to receive a Gazelle award, which to us is a public recognition of the employees ‘ daily hard work and our focus on growth. Customers have embraced our services and we strive to continue to deliver the high level of service. To us it is essential to add value to our customers. “

In addition, Notora was awarded with another prestigious title; the Bisnode’s credit AAA. The rating is calculated through a mathematical algorithm based on more than 2,400 decision-making rules. These decision-making rules are based on the basic data, ownership, economy and payment experience of the subassessments. This in particular reflects legendary service to customers, suppliers and business partners.

In connection with this newly acquired title, CFO Michael Lauridsen says: “We are now within the pool of 2.7% of companies that have been AAA-rated, not only to our customers but also to our suppliers and business partners. We are a company with a solid financial foundation. As we operate in the consultancy industry, an important element in our trade is precisely trust and credibility. This is why this AAA rating and the high creditworthiness is another step on the way. “