After spending almost 4 years in Vipperød and having experienced an increase in personnel, Notora decided to move its office to Roskilde. The primary purpose of moving was to be able to attract new employees.

Hence our new address in Roskilde is: Ledreborg Allé 128D 4000 Roskilde.

Notora is an ERP consultancy, which is a system solution expert based on complimenting Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. The primary vermals in which the company operates inside are; Food, logistics, production and trade. Notora always tries to deliver the best financial system to the customer, but are aware that it can vary depending on the industry and key challenges. No matter which company you are, Notora strives for 100% customer satisfaction, so they want to create the perfect solution for companies that want to optimize production- and management processes.

Through a focused strategy with the customer’s needs as a focal point, Notora delivers the best products, legendary service and competitive prices to customers. Notora is your future collaborator, which can now also be found in Roskilde.

A long-lasting solution

To Thomas Blak, CEO at Notora, the relocation of the department and the planned expansion of the personnel is a testament that the company is heading in the right direction in terms of customers, employees and business partners.

“We want to be nationwide and live up to our mission to be one of Scandinavia’s favourite consultancy houses in ERP Solutions for selected industries and customers. The move provides us with, most importantly, more space, but also provides better geographic coverage of the whole Zealand region. We strive to have room for all customers, but we also want a location so that as many customers as possible consider us to be their local supplier. “In addition, we expect the relocation to result in even more competent NAV and Business Central experts wishing to provide legendary service in the company of our Zealand expert team.” Says Notoras CEO Thomas Blak.

The official date of the transfer is set to be May 1 2019. Thomas Blak stresses that:

“We have experienced great support in connection with the relocation. We get five times as much space in the new premises. It is to the benefit and pleasure of both customers and employees, as we get: better conditions regarding meeting facilities, better parking conditions, a more Central Zealand location, better collective transport options, and last but not least; Significantly better acoustics when we support our customers via the phone. ”

Should you have any further questions or requesting a meeting with Notora, Notora’s commercial responsible Marie Lilholt can be contacted at