Notora Food Event 2017, which was held March 29, was a successful seminar. This includes the start of several new collaborations and acquaintances. We would like to thank our employees, partners, and participants for their commitment.
The event exceeded all expectations, with 40% of participants’ feedback reporting to be REALLY GOOD and 60% as being GOOD.

With presentations from both Pagero, AEB and not least the export council, as well as our submissions on SI Foodware, the feedback on the relevance of content and topics was great. As many as 82% of the participants thought the relevance was GOOD, and the remaining 18% thought the content was REALLY GOOD.

Notora gave a seminar on how SI Foodware combined with Navision provide a complete end-to-end business software solution for food distributors and processors. Furthermore, it was told how SI Foodware is the result of experience with over 300 ERP implementations worldwide and how this food-specific solution is used. A total of 52% thought Notora’s presentation was SUPER GOOD, while the remaining 48% thought the presentation was GOOD.

The next big Notora event is being held at Microsoft in Lyngby and is about optimizing the logistics processes in your company.