Employee satisfaction must be a strong competitive parameter

In the IT-business we operate within a field where already now and even more in the future the business will be needing more people. The fact that students are already recruited directly from their schools result in increasing average salaries across the Danish IT sector and thus the workplaces must do their best when it comes to recruitment.

Employee satisfaction

This also applies to Notora. Because even though we are increasing continuously we also experience that the business calls for an increase in the number of employees. This is why we at Notora invest many resources in an apparent soft value that is employee satisfaction and flexibility in the worklife.

”The development in society make companies that rely on knowledge prioritize their employees and we are a part of this paradigmshift where it is not just about an investment in our clients but also one on our own court says Operation Manager in Notora, Yvonne Larsen.

She elaborates how Notora on several parameters takes the good worklife seriously by being open to dialogues involving flexibility in working hours- and areas. The possibility for working part time, working from home and training.  This applies to employees approaching senior life as well as newly graduates and employees with smaller children.

More teams – less single wolves

The IT consultancy business has for many years according to Yvonne Larsen been dominated by a conservative approach to recruitment. The same competent employees circulate in circles. This has for many years been a safe strategy but eventually the business is risking a business that cannot deliver or a business gone too grey.

Hence for many reasons it is a good investment to take on newly graduates and let them grow through an apprenticeship. She also describes that there is a positive tendency for employees today  to generally work more in teams  rather than as solely single wolves that take on the assignments themselves.

It also makes sense to take in newly graduates and put them together in teams and mentor arrangements.

”We attach mentors to the newly graduates and focus on letting them grow continuously with their assignments. Within our workfield and in the beginning it does not make sense to cast them to the wolves. But if we break the activities into pieces and concretely involve the employee they can create value early in their work life.”

A good investment

Employee satisfaction as a focus is also a good investment in other aspects. In short Yvonne Larsen says ”happy employees – happy costumers” and elaborates:

”When you have happy employees it is reflected throughout the entire organization. We spend most of our awakening hours on the job so it has to be exciting and fun.”

The employees at Notora also has a reason for being happy at the moment. For the second time in a row we have been awarded with a gazelle award- an award given to companies that grow continuously and as a minimum doubles its turnover during 4 fiscal years along with a positive growth throughout all the years.

Would you like to be a part of our happy gazelles?

Are you interested in becoming part of Notora and experiencing how employee satisfaction and business growth in a gazelle pace can be united? Then contact Yvonne Larsen (yl@notora.dk) and hear more about the possibilities for a future at Notora.