May 30 2019 Notora hosted an eventful food seminar in stunning surroundings at Koldkærgård Hotel- and Conference Centre. The focal point of the seminar was the digitalization of the food industry. Notora had invited close collaborators and experts to share how IT in various forms can digitalize and streamline the critical processes typically found in food businesses.

Again this year, Notora can demonstrate a successful food seminar. The participants’ evaluation of the event testifies to an event which, as a whole, aroused great enthusiasm. The 65% were VERY SATISFIED and 35% of the participants were SATISFIED.

The event also contributed to networking and knowledge sharing. In particular: Concerning the experience of the various food businesses in the food-specific industry solution of Notoras 3.0-party: SI Foodware. Schouw Informatisering, a developer of the solution, was flown in from Holland to hold presentations, which 75% were WELL SATISFIED with. Notora would also like to thank; Tasklet, Clearview Trade as well as agriculture & food for their admirable presentations and beneficial efforts in the context of Food Events settlement.

With the narrative of the news in NAV 2018 and the integration with Dynamics 365, Notora puts off good start. Heavily followed by Schouws’s review of: sales, purchases, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and Business Intelligence. In addition, Clearview Trade presented concrete examples of how food and export companies work strategically to digitalize the business, and to create digital competitive advantages. Agriculture & Food demonstrated how digitalization can generate growth throughout the value chain. In conclusion, Tasklet showed how participants, using the Mobile WMS storage scanner solution, can optimize the warehouse processes in the food industry. The feedback on “relevance of content” and topics showed that 80% of participants were, either VERY SATISFIED, or SATISFIED.

The location of Kolkærgård in charming surroundings, aroused excitement in the warm summer weather. The surprise lunch was settled in the open, and it was somewhat of an surprise. The participants were to “catch” their food in a feel box and fish their entrance from the water. In addition, there were visual sights, and food kamuflated in cups. It was a overall experience that appealed to all senses, but not least the sense of taste. The food was eminent, and the surprise elements made the dining break a highlight in itself. The physical framework including the innovative lunch recieved 100% SATISFACTION from the participants.

In summery an event that once again surpassed all expectations. We wish to thank the participants for their great commitment.

Did you not have the opportunity to attend the Notoras Food Event, but would like to hear more; Whether it be about content or future events, please contact us at