The new wave of Microsoft news is soon to be introduced in Vienna and the roughly 2500 conference participants at this year´s Directions EMEA 2019.

Significant adjustments and tools will be introduced that will be of importance to the overall process by moving existing customers on local networks to an online cloud based solution.

Moving the Business Central solutions to the cloud has long been a strategic point of reference to us working with Microsoft but there was also an array of other launches at this year´s Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2.

If you would like to know more about the latest launches let us enlighten you at our Business Central Seminar. Subscription is at the bottom of this text. But please first take a look at four important highlights from this latest release.

No Windows Client
This year´s autumn release is the first without updates in the Windows client. That the future lies in web applications is now emphasized by the fact that the web client is applicable in Microsoft. The users of the web client will experience that a lot of goodies have been included in the new application and that the user experience is an experience of a modern and recognizable application format. Microsoft itself calls it a Modern Client.

”That the Windows client is outfaced in exchange for a webclient will be a huge gamechanger in the big picture. Simultaneously the Webclient is recognizable to by far most end users as it speaks in the same format as other webapplications,” Morten Seifert Productmanager, Notora.

It will still be possible to access the application through Microsoft App ”Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central” through PC, phone and table. (Windows 10, Android, iOS)

Improvements for SaaS environment
SaaS (Software as a Service) works as a complete cloud-computing-offer where SaaS-suppliers give the users software and applications through a subscription model. In connection with the latest  Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave emphasis will be on the newest improvements in the SaaS environment amongst others the functionality ”download af databasebackup”

With a continuous focus on improving the SaaS-environment we will get closer to a reality where the users do not need to administer, install or upgrade software as their SaaS suppliers will administer this. Other advantages worth mentioning is the securement of data in the cloud so that equipment failure does not come with a loss of data. Aditionally the use of resources is scaled depending on the need of service while the programmes are accessible from almost every internet connected unit Worldwide.

AL as an applicable programming language
In the future AL will be used as programming language. AL is used for the ”manipulation of data” including the control of the implementation of processes like picking inserting and changing posts in a Dynamics 365 Business Central database.

Through AL programming it will be easier to combine tables and add new data or transfer new data from one table to another (e.g. a journal table to a headbox table). You can also combine data from several tables in one report. AL makes it possible to establish business rules aimed at securing that the saved data are meaningful and consistent according to the way the customers act.

General improvements of functionality and optimized userfriendliness in Business Central
  • Improved possibility for debug
  • Navigationsmenu similar to ”All departments”
  • Save menupoints for navigationmenu (shortcuts)
  • Opening more windows simultaneously
  • Improvement for Edit in Excel