Tasklet Factory: ‘We must have a strategic and futureproof outlook and practical adaptability skill’

In order to deliver value added solutions to our customers we have in Notora co-operated with some of the best certified co-operating partners on various 3 party solutions. These are specialists within each of their fields and know what is going on at the moment in relation to developments and tendencies.  The first article is with Marianne Eisenhardt from Tasklet Factory who is chief Commercial officer of the leading Mobile warehouse scanner solution.

Images as part of a more intuitive solution

In order to always increase efficiency at the end product Tasklet Factory currently works on developing and improving the user surface making it as functional and intuitive as possible. One of the new launches in this respect is product images on the product lines.

” Images of the products on the WMS Mobile scanner can be useful at the warehouse but also as part of the retail- and sales business as a whole. It can be images of the products you pick as well as useful out on the floor in the store as it can show the customer the good in other colors and sizes,” says Marianne Berg Eisenhardt.

She adds that the developers at Tasklet Factory are constantly looking for new features like License Plating and explains “we are now looking ahead towards securing the demand for pallet management in the future”.

Outlook towards more automatization and robot technology

And since we are looking ahead it is also interesting to look at what the future holds within industrial robot technology. Therefore Tasklet Factory negotiates the new Mobile Industrial Robots-MIR.

Marianne Berg Eisenhardt, explains how industrial robots can undertake the picking route from the warehouse to the shipping area. Having automized an otherwise usual manual – and cost heavy work post with many heavy lifts  can be an obvious place to release the workforce of its employees and not least a place to increase the competitiveness.

” We would like to simplify the area because it is an essential field where the companies can minimize the costs at the warehouse and be more competitive. But bearing in mind good work ethics by leaving the heavy lifts to a digitalized solution”.

Marianne Berg Eisenhardt points to the fact that Tasklet Factory at the moment is focusing on getting the industrialized robot solution integrated in the entire mobil-scanner -solution.

A keyplayer in WMS – solutions of the future

The ability to adapt to the concrete product being ahead and setting the agenda within the newest WMS- and automatization solutions is part of the objective of Tasklet Factory. To ERP-partners this mean that they can use their resources within ERP solutions while Tasklet Factory develops the specialized 3. party product.

Marianne Berg Eisenhardt additionally points to the possibility for the partners to be able to get access to a ROI -calculator which they can use to making the investment value visible to their clients and elaborates:

”We have a general focus on maintaining the leading position as Mobile WMS-unit and live up to the obligation that comes along when co-operating with all ERP houses in Denmark not to mention the international co-operating partners. We strive to the fact that our partners do not need to look for alternatives because we remain ahead in the market”.

Co-operating on making a generic product 100% adaptable

By being in close dialogue with the ERPpartners Tasklet Factory can continuously develop and adapt their Mobile hand-scanner solution bearing in mind the business challenges the end-users are facing.

”When speaking of a generic product such as ours which must cover more industries there will be incidents where the product itself does not offer 100 % coverage within a certain business. This is where our ERP partners come into play. An example within food is the need for a double lot- registration. This is an expanded solution where we amongst others co-operate with the consultants at Notora concerning the implementation, ” explains Marianne Berg Eisenhardt and explains that the parties strive for increased efficiency and the end-product also is incorporated into their own development department at Tasklet Factory.

Tasklet Factory is in current dialogue with Microsoft concerning the newest developments as well as with the consultants at ISV partners which have direct and practical inputs from the end-user. By focusing on grand digital strategies like low practical measures it is possible for Tasklet Factory to be the leading supplier on the market.