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Domino’s production sites in different countries present a unique set of challenges. How do you streamline processes in multiple locations and how do you ensure consistent operations and reporting? The first step is to choose an ERP solution that facilitates these challenges. This was also the case for Domino’s Pizza: The largest pizza takeaway and delivery company in the world. Domino’s Pizza chose to further develop their international automation strategy, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV combined with Foodware 365 played a key role in this.

Uniform working method with Foodware 365

Domino’s Pizza already used Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Holland and France, but the working methods had not been integrated across national boundaries. As it was time to update the applications, it was decided to implement integration for both the deployment method and the software. According to Richard De Gruijter, CFO at Domino’s Pizza Europe: “First of all, it was important to ensure the continuity of the software. We also wanted the entire software to come from a single
Supplier and to develop a uniform working method for the Commissioners in Holland and France. We could significantly reduce our investment in adaptations. ‘ This was done to create the right basis for further optimization in the future. The ERP implementation began in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. It was subsequently launched in France with the same general framework with the support of Isatech, the French Foodware 365 partner.

International Automation Strategy

After having acquired a pizza chain in Germany, the question was how to apply the International automation strategy to another country. By implementing the same system that was used in Holland and France, Domino’s Pizza achieved greater financial and operational integration. In order to clarify the necessary knowledge of the German market, the German Foodware partner Gerling Consulting was engaged. Domino’s Germany also invested significantly to provide employees with the best possible training in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Foodware 365.

Integrated WMS Solution

After the successful rollout of the group solution, Domino’s Pizza is optimistic and looks forward to new projects to improve operations. The staff of France at present, for example, busy preparing for the rollout of an integrated WMS solution, based on voice-picking. It is important that the company approaches any project from a holistic perspective.

International benefits of the Food Community

For years, Schouw Computization has built an international partner network in 20 countries across the globe. These international partners help meet customer requirements for international projects. International Foodware partners such as Notora are knowledgeable about the local laws and regulations and can overcome language barriers by offering targeted training and support.

“First and foremost, it was important to safeguard the continuity of the software. Also, we wanted all of the software to come from a single supplier and to develop a uniform working method for the commissaries in the Netherlands and France. We were able to significantly reduce our investment in customisation. “

– Richard De Gruijter, CFO at Domino’s Pizza Europe