An overview to your production

Globalized, complex trade flows and increasing demands on delivery capability and time, cost, lead time, pricing, capacity utilization, picking, project management, and quality. Manufacturing companies need a streamlined flow that covers processes in information, supply and product management.
The market and consumers place many demands on the production companies and the conditions of competition are fierce and constantly evolving. Thorough optimizations in the process work and the implementation of the right technology make it possible to navigate the complex production field.

Lift your production flow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central contains a module that supports the company’s planning, execution and follow-up of productions. The module maintains
relevant master data for production, and planning and disposal can be done to production and procurement (MRP/MPS).
You can thus handle the production execution with consumption records and final reports and easily make post-calculations on the production.

Also, you can ensure that the production errors are caught before the quality control. The sensors in modern production equipment can measure and report the quality of the appliances and production. Via data based on MES or IoT technologies, information and reports can be sent in a dynamic flow. This way, error messages can be detected quickly by the operator and adjusted.

Collection of reports and data can be used to analyze the condition of the appliances. This makes it easier to predict future maintenance. To get the most efficient use of your data, it makes sense to think analysis and post-calculation from the start.

At Notora, we are experienced in the various industries we work with. This applies to both order and warehouse producing companies. With the implementation of the right ERP solutions, your business is optimized to be able to handle and adapt to the constantly increasing customer requirements.

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