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Here you can see how to contact the relevant employee. You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in
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Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete cloud-based business solution. It integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft’s other cloud solutions such as Power BI and Azure.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a platform where you can tailor and build your specific solution using apps or extensions. The platform brings together ERP and CRM functions and works together across customer service, sales, marketing, finance, etc. As a result, Dynamics NAV 2018 is expected to be the last release under the Dynamics NAV name itself, as Dynamics NAV is in the future part of Dynamics 365 and the functionality itself is added to Dynamics 365 in the form of extensions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central thus combines all CRM and ERP functions into a solution that works seamlessly together across sales, customer service, finance, marketing, projects, etc. Everyone in the company uses the same system – and takes decisions on a common basis.

Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates, automates, and supports the company’s business processes, and even uses the same solution for everyone in the company.

Yes. Microsoft has chosen to take the Office 365 package and Dynamics 365 and assemble it all into a platform that streamlines the business at the crossroads of departments. Including everything from Marketing and their management of lead generation, Sales that handles the flow “from lead to order” to Business Central, is the handling of the flow “from order to payment”.
Microsoft has announced to bring together several previously self-contained business systems into one unified online system called respectively; Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Similar to NAV, Business Central is targeted at businesses, where there is a desire to integrate everything into a system of standard features that can support anything from, for example, a small and simple trading company to a more advanced manufacturing one.

Business Central is available in two editions; Essentials and Premium. The users below are classified as “Full Users”. However, it should be mentioned that there is an “Additional User” called Team Member. Read more about users here.

Essentials correspond to a complete business solution with financial management, purchase/sale, project management, inventory management, etc.
Examples of functionality such as Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials include:

  • Financials
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • HR Department
  • Warehouse management

Premium includes functionality comparable to what the experienced NAV user knows from Extended Pack, which are production management and service contract management modules and highly advanced logistics.

Examples of functionality such as Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium include:

  • All included in the Essentials
  • Service Management
  • Production

Team Member is a ‘ limited user ‘ who, in all simplicity, has fewer rights than Essentials or Premium, and in a transferred sense, this is very similar to the previously known limited user.

If your company recognizes the following challenges, then an ERP system might be a solution:

  • If your access to important and critical business data is inconvenient.
  • If you spend unnecessarily much time on bookkeeping and updating data.
  • If your current digital solutions seem complex and time-consuming.
  • If you use different systems to handle different processes and flows.

Yes. We have experience in most industries. So even though we specialize in some industrial fields, we are not limited to these. Because we provide standard ERP solutions, it can be a relevant solution in many industries. However, expertise is a keyword for us, so our solutions are always based on the needs of the individual industries.

Most often, ERP systems create value in companies which are of a certain size or with a value chain and workflow with many people involved. It could also be a company who has very specific needs that cannot be met in ordinary Excel sheets and the regular office package. Thus, it is not necessarily relevant for a newly started company with few employees and few funds. However, the Business Central solution is useful for all sizes of businesses, as it can be scaled up and down as needed. Furthermore, it is easy to install, user-friendly and intuitive and can be integrated with the remaining Dynamics 365 pallet.

Business Central is a comprehensive all-in-one system that, with the right implementation process, can cover the vast majority of demands. Also, we collaborate with the best certified 3rd party products within several industries that can be added as an extension to the standard solution. Notora also has some pre-encoder solutions so that we can fit your needs as precisely as needed and provide you with as standardized solution as possible.

For questions regarding invoices please contact

If you want information about how your existing solution can be optimized and meet your needs even better, please feel free to contact

A project is usually subject to some different phases. Of course, these may vary, but for the vast majority of cases the process is covered by these phases:

  • Initial contact
  • Scope analysis
  • Project – The agile phase with training and education of your employees in the solution as well as ongoing analysis, design and roll-out in a dynamic flow
  • The operating phase where you have your ERP solutions in your hands and can use them in your daily work

A scope analysis is an initial analysis process where we identify your needs, analyze which 3rd party products are worthwhile and outline the process. Including a project plan that gives you qualitative assessments about safety, ease of use, speed, role distribution, and time consumption. With a scope analysis, you get a qualified bid for your implementation process. It gives you insight into the project plan as well as an economic overview of the services provided. The analysis results in an overall project presentation.

Depending on the size of the company and the complexity of your challenges, scope analysis typically take 1-2 months and 4-6 months for a project.

To answer that, we need to know the size and challenges of your business. From this, we will be able to investigate, analyze and identify your needs through a scoping process. There are, of course, prices for what a single user costs, but since a solution is never based on the number of a single user, we want to know your company better before we provide concrete estimates.

We would be happy to visit you for a free and non-committal meeting to talk about what a scope analysis can do for you. Contact us directly at

The project portal

Our project portal is a project management tool used for collaboration between clients and Notora. Here, the history of the project is made available so that both parties gain an overview and insight into the current process. The project portal can be used to communicate, plan, create tasks, follow ups and delegate tasks.

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Get support straight through your screen with the TeamViewer freeware. Here our support team can navigate and monitor your programs remotely, so the problems can be solved in a concrete, fast and efficient way. Assistances through TeamViewer is granted through the download of a programme, which is both free and easy to use.

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