We make happy, competent employees

Notora grows continuously. To be able to continue our development, we are always interested in meeting you – our next colleague.

“I became interested in Notora because it was a smaller, newer NAV house with short way from idea to decision and execution. I saw an opportunity to gain a lot of responsibility in building methods, processes and products and in this way helping to develop the company.

Fortunately, these assessments have proofed right. I enjoy having a lot of responsibility and that my inputs are taken seriously and used in practice. In this way, I am challenged both personally and professionally.”

Jim Neble, NAV Consultant, Notora ApS

Notora offers a mixture of highly professional skilled personnel. Including the latest knowledge from the relevant educational institutions. So, our expertise extends far and wide and we are interested in prioritizing the perfect employee regardless of their life situation. We want our employees to be happy and in balance. Therefore, we work in a flexible, independent and responsible environment.

Our work is characterized by a great relationship between decision makers and employees. Therefore, we can work quickly and with greater unity in our work. Although we are nationwide and distributed across several locations, we are still working together as one unit. We prioritize social life and have an active staff association, and we also challenge ourselves and each other through team building events.

A growing Company

During the last two financial years Notora has delivered excellent financial results. Because of this we can boast ourselves of being happy Gazelles. A prize from Børsen, awarded to a company with an increasing growth in number of employees and economics.

Notora sales team

“We are honored by the awarded title as a Gazelle, which to us is a public recognition of the daily hard work performed by our employees and our focus on continuous growth.”

Michael Lauridsen, CFO, Notora ApS

And the acknowledgments are several. In 2018, we received Bisnode’s AAA credit, placing Notora in an exclusive pool of the 2.7% of Danish companies receiving such a positive rating. Having a solid company with a strong financial foundation is a testement to our customers, suppliers, business partners, and future employees.

We are of course proud of such results, where trust and credibility is recognized in a competitive consultancy industry such as ours.

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“We are always interested in new competencies, because as a company we can only continue our growth through the efforts of our skilled employees.”

-Henrik Hegelund, Partner and NAV Consultant

Our collaboration with Microsoft

We are credited as a Microsoft Silver Partner. This means that we provide quality consulting, successful deployment, and competent support within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central Business Solutions.

Our expertise in ERP is based on close co-operation with Microsoft. We collaborate with the best certified 3. party product suppliers, including Continia, Tasklet Factory and Schouw Informatisering.

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