Do you want to digitize and optimize your food company – quickly, easily and at an attractive price? You will get it with Notora | FastFood 365

With Notora |FastFood you will get a standardized ERP solution with the exact tools you need as a food company. The solution entails 3 or 4 weeks of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Foodware 365 to handle your key challenges.

  • Short time of installation and implementation (3-4 weeks)

  • Favorable fixed price

  • Standard SOP’s for your critical processes

  • Low cost and low risk

In practice, Notora | FastFood 365 is a standardized ERP solution. In other words, a “plug and play” model, where you get Business Central installed with the relevant Foodware 365-apps you need to solve your unique needs. You deliver customers, goods and suppliers – we deliver the standard solution with fixed templates and documents as well as supporting SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) on most of your critical processes. In addition to fixed price, you only pay for the specific users who need your solution.

Notora | FastFood 365 builds on our many years of experience and knowledge of “best practice” procedures in the food industry. Foodware 365 contains apps for handling on industry specific key challenges such as traceability, label printing, quality assurance, food safety, EU legal requirements, documentation, tax management, SCM etc.

For an overview of specific apps and options see: Notora | FastFood 365 Trade or Notora | FastFood 365 Production

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ERP standard solution for the food industry

Food Trade

KR60000– fixed price
  • Business Central
  • Foodware 365
  • 3 weeks of setup
  • Standard SOP’s on critical processes
  • Hotline and support

Food Production

KR95000– fixed price
  • Business Central
  • Foodware 365
  • 4 weeks of setup
  • Standard SOP’s on critical processes
  • Hotline and support

Forget everything about resource-heavy it-implementations: get in operation in 3 to 4 weeks

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Future-proof from day 1

Due to the cloud-based functionality, you are future-proof from day 1 and can expand your FastFood solutions in all directions. You avoid manual upgrades and conversions as the system automatically updates online. After the implementation of Notora |FastFood you have the opportunity to easily adapt and expand your solution with relevant additional products and specific adaptions as needed.

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