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The logistics industry faces major innovations these years. Automation, sensor technology, big data, real-time GPS tracking, Mobile IT, delivery technology, and new car technology are just some of the areas. Industries that deal with logistics, shipping and transport work in a globalized world, and these years there is focus on developing and streamlining the area.

A key challenge in the logistics industry is inventory control and WMS optimization. With increasing competition, it is necessary to reduce time in operations. Therefore, mobile WMS with hand scanner solutions as well as a mapping of product picking routes can be crucial. Another key challenge is the collection, use and data storage of employees’ knowledge to risk the company and ensure quick training of new employees. It demands the right WMS solutions.

As the market is subject to ever-increasing international competition, efficiency enhancement is necessary to be competitive, transparent and economical, or vice versa to specialize either concerning the market or services. The logistics industry, therefore, provides different types of services. Everything from transport – for example, full-load, general cargo, parcels, distribution – over a combination of both transport and freight forwarding, to the more customer-integrated services (warehousing, just-in-time logistics, for example). Companies in the logistics industry, therefore, have multiple interfaces and can fulfill several of the roles in the value chain. It also places more demands on handling these more complex workflows.

Get the logistics work done and streamlined

Notora’s expert team has many years of experience in logistics and the logistics solution in Dynamics NAV. The system has a storage management module (WMS) which supports the management of the warehouse with associated processes.
Across industries, there is often a marked need to access valid inventory information without errors, make batch tracking and generally have an optimized inventory delivery. Among others. The purpose of a storage management module is to minimize errors and to clarify and streamline the daily storage processes.
Business Central has several different options for managing the warehouse. From simple stock management with fixed locations indicated on the product card to advanced inventory management with support for all processes such as a stock receipt, stock, stock, and pick.

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Watch the video below to hear more about Notora and Logistics & WMS, told by the CEO of Notora, Thomas Blak.

Optimize Warehouse Management with 3. -Party Solutions

Successful implementation of inventory management requires good sparring from your Business Central/NAV partner, as more advanced management automatically provides more registrations. That’s why we offer efficient and agile standard solutions, as well as a workflow that is based on your need for 3. -Party solutions and applications.

Notora uses the following 3. -Party Solutions in logistics:

Hand scanner solution that supports all warehouse processes, as well as lot (durability) and serial number control. The solution is very user-friendly and quick to implement, as there are few customizations in standard Business Central and NAV. The solution also allows you to remotely control the scanners, making troubleshooting, support and software upgrades much easier.

Platform that connects your warehouse with your customers and addresses all stages of shipping and delivery, and offers customers an integrated, sustainable and complete delivery solution.

Complete food solution that also supports logistics processes for the food industry. The solution includes pallet control with SSCC labels, RF scanning (Radio frequency), container control, weight capture and EDI exchange with supplier and customers.

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