Fully focused, but with an industrial breadth

We know it is different challenges you typically meet, depending on what industry you work within. Notora specializes in some industries. This enables us to focus our knowledge within specific areas so that we can provide the best solutions and the best service, based on insight and experience, to our customers.

You can read more about the industries we are specialized in, on their individual pages.
We deliver ERP solutions primarily targeted within these four industries:

We know that every industry has its challenges. So even if your needs and challenges are unique, and are treated so, we might previously have solved similar challenges. You can read about our cases and previous solutions on the subpages. Here you can also download whitepapers, brochures, and flyers with the latest industry knowledge.

“Notora is a company with business focus. Just like your business has a business focus. We know what the challenges are, you are facing. We’ve been there before and we’d love to share our skills with you.”

Henrik Hegelund, Partner & NAV Consultant, Notora ApS
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