For the second time in a row Notora has received a gazelle award from Børsen. Hence we can now again join the good company of Danish companies that are growing considerably and continuously. CFO Michael Lauridsen, Notora points out that this is a collective effort that he is proud of.

”We are proud of the good efforts performed by our employees and that we are continuously growing in number of employees which make us grow both in the top- and bottom line”.

Height and stoutness as a gazelle
And how do growth in a gazelle size look like in the daily work? In Notora during the course of a year we have experienced a growth from 27 employees to well around 36 in September 2019. A rather remarkable growth for a company this size. This means that since we received our latest Gazelle award has outgrown our offices in both Eastern Jutland and on Zealand.

It also means that we have opened an office with a senior consultant permanently staying in Nuuk and that we additionally are physically present in Greenland when possible. Besides it is expected that Notora once again finishes its fiscal year with a larger turnover than last year. Hence we are still demonstrating a positive growth in the top- and bottom line.

“Throughout all the 6 years in Notora we have had a controlled focus on positive growth,” says Michael Lauridsen.

Yet another award
It is not only the grant of yet another gazelle award that make us happy at the moment. Once again Notora has been recognized with a AAA credit from Bisnode. This means that Notora is part of an exclusive segment of the 2,7% of the Danish companies with such a credit rating. The rating points to the overall fact that our customers and partners experience a continuous growth.

New possibilities ahead
With these two distinct recognitions we are facing the autumn with pride and happiness. The future looks bright when it comes to growth both in financial accounting, employees and customers. In the future Michael Lauridsen hopes that Notora will be yet more locally present in the western part of Jutland.

”We see great perspectives with an office in the Western part of Jutland with new and exciting customers and colleagues concludes” Michael Lauridsen, who also looks forward to celebrating the gazelle award with the other gazelles in Aalborg October 30, 2019.